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Alumni Masters Students

M Tech

Dipanjan Dey

Interannual Simulation of Current in the Bay of Bengal using TropFlux Forcing

M Sc

Anamika Bara

Characteristics of Surface Current and Tides from Hf Radar Observations along the Odisha Coast, Bay of Bengal

Abhilash Jadhav

Salinity Variations in the Northern Bay of Bengal using in-situ and satellite observation

Deep Konar

Spatial and Temporal Variations of Physic-Chemical Parameters along Odisha Coast of Bay of the Bengal

Co-Supervisor: Dr. S H Farooq

Prabhas Kumar Mohanty

Physic-Chemical Properties at Saptamukhi and Matla Estuaries, West Bengal

Co-Supervisor: Dr. R K Singh

Sandip Kumar Sethy

Topographic Effect on Ocean Circulation on the West Boundary of the Bay of Bengal

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