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Arkaprava Ray

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Research Interests:

  Air-Sea Interaction;  Cyclone;  Monsoon;  Subsurface ocean


  BSc         Geology                                                        2018                Kazi Nazrul University (KNU)

  MSc        Atmosphere and Ocean Sciences         2020                IIT Bhubaneswar


  MATLAB, R, NCL, Grads, Arc GIS, ROMS, Shell Scripting, CDO


 Ray, A., Sil, S. (2022).:

    Monsoon depressions and air-sea interactions during different phases of monsoon intraseasonal oscillation.

    Climate Dynamics

 Bhuyan, D.P., Mandal, S., Ray, A., Sil, S., & Venkatesan, R. (2021).:

    Surface and subsurface signatures of monsoon intraseasonal oscillations from moored buoys

    observation in the Bay of Bengal.

    Dynamics of Atmospheres and Oceans, 95(July), 101240.


 Ray, A., Mandal, S., & Sil, S. (2020):

    Tidal Variability of Sea Level along the East Coast of India using  Tide Gauge Observations.

    National Conference on Challenges in Earth System Science for Global  Sustainability (CESS – GS)

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